Domain Name Case Study 2 — SPIMM.COM

Some domain names scream ‘valuable’, but it’s sometimes hard to pin-point why they are so. is a good example. The main reason for this kind of short .com domain name having such a high value comes down to is openness and potential versatility of uses. Specific domain name use cases would depend on the goals and objectives of the company or individual, but some possible examples for such a catchy domain may include:

  • A marketing or advertising agency could use the domain name as an acronym for “Special Promotions and Integrated Marketing Materials” (just one example of many acronyms for these letters) to showcase their services.
  • A startup or tech company could use the domain name as a brand name or product name, such as “SPIMM Technologies” or “SPIMM Analytics.” It has a techy feel, and is especially suited to the kind of modern—perhap AI-related—brands coming on the market at the moment.
  • An e-commerce company could use the domain name as a short and memorable URL for their online store, such as “” Such extensions look good after such a domain.
  • A personal blog or portfolio website could use the domain name as a unique and catchy domain name.

This domain will not sell for less than £20,000, and may go for a lot more.

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